The major keys to this Discipline are patience and endurance and is defensive in nature. It is primarily used for holding off multiple opponents, but can be used equally as well against a single opponent. The idea behind this Discipline is to stay on the defensive until an opening appears, and then to strike, immediately going on the defensive again. This Discipline uses a heavy sword (such as a Shienarian Longsword or a Broadsword). It is a popular Discipline in the Borderlands, due to the hardiness of the people there.


1. Thunder on the Ocean is useful both against multiple opponents as well as in one on one combat. It is very flexible in this regard. 2. Due to its defensive nature, the form is not as tiring as its heavy sword would normally indicate.


1. Due to its defensive nature, a single combatant with a quicker weapon will not easily land a blow, but even so, numerous skilled opponents with quicker weapons may breach the blades man’s defenses, due to the size of the blades man’s weapon. This can slow the blades man down in a drawn out combat and eventually lead to his defeat. 2. Due to its “wait for an opening” policy, this form tends to take a while to defeat an opponent. There is rarely such a thing as a quick battle where Thunder on the Ocean is concerned, and when on a tight time schedule, this can present a problem (especially if more opponents are on the way).