Name: Tinnulim mel'Rethal
Age: 18
Place of Birth/Raising: She was born and raised on a farm not far from Aringill.

Physical Description: Tinnulim is 18 years old, and beautiful for her age. She is tall, 5'9", and slender, weighs 128 lbs. She has long, straight nutty-brown hair and clear green eyes like emeralds. Her skin is light, but not white. Tinnulim has a scar from an attack on her wrist, but she has a kerchief tied around it, 'cause she won't be remembered of how close she was to die.

Character History Edit

Tinnulim comes from a farm not far from Aringill. Where she lived with her mother, Nanethy, father, Jauren, and her little sister, Kelden. Tinnulim is a traveller and loves to explore other countries and cities, and has already visited Caemlyn and Four Kings. She got the scar when three large men attacked her family one evening. They killed her father at once, and then her mother while she was protecting Kelden and her. One of the men took Kelden away, and the other two tied up Tinnulim where they threatened to kill her by cutting her over the artery on her wrist, which they also did. She escaped though, and got help, but the scar will always remind her of that evening.

Now she is on her way to Tar Valon to see if she can become an Aes Sedai, which has been her dream since she heard of them.

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