Description The best offense is a good defense.

Battle Tactic: Vadin M’taal focuses on the concept of making yourself into an impenetrable barrier, like a giant wall your enemies break themselves on. Practitioners of this form use heavy weapons and armors, as well as shields. Instead of focusing on speed, they focus on strength; with their shields and heavy armors they can afford to take many more hits than normal warriors. Warriors who follow this path become not only masters of their weapon, but also their shield; they are able to not only defend but also attack with it. Those who utilize this path are generally effective as a last line of defense. Masters of this path have been known to survive battles without moving from the spot they started in.

Life Style: Outside of battle, practitioners of Vadin M’taal are very passive. They are the kind of person that can be screamed at and insulted and not flutter an eyelash. When faced with a task that is difficult or seemingly impossible, followers of this path patiently weather out the challenge and wait for success to come to them.


  • Can take many hits
  • More powerful attacks
  • Rarely looses ground


  • Slow attacks
  • Tire out faster because of heavy equipment
  • Slow to win a fight

Skillset In Combat:

  • Highly defensive
  • High physical strength
  • Patient
  • Effective as personal guards
  • High emphasis on shields

In Life:

  • Patient
  • Unaffected by insults or slurs
  • Good at strategy games
  • Passive and calm


  • Base- Strength-4 Skill- 3 Speed-1
  • V1- Strength- 5 Skill- 2 Speed- 1
  • V2- Strength 3- Skill- 3 Speed- 2
  • V3- Strength- 3 Skill- 4 Speed- 1