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Name: Vainte Altonen
Place of Birth/Raising: Andor

Physical Description: Vainte, though from Andor, has dark eyes and long, straight black hair. Fairly tall for a woman she still embodies her country girl roots with rosy cheeks, a curvy figure and pouty lips.

Character History Edit

Born the youngest daughter of a prosperous farmer Vainte was raised among a large, boisterous family which included ten siblings, various Aunts, Uncles, cousins and relations whose ties are so convoluted they are not entirely clear anymore. Amid this extended family Vainte was the queen of her little world, spoiled and coddled while the other children labored. Set apart from the rest of her family with their fair hair and light eyes she was something of a changeling, the will o wisp, allowed free reign of the farm and surrounding forests and indulged in everything. She was more than eager, at first, to leave this noisy and earthy home life for the quiet and solitude of the Tower, thinking it a grand adventure. Her first years as a Novice, however, were plagued by trips to the Mistress of Novices for penances, usually due to her poor attitude or her runaway tongue. Although she earned the Ring fairly quickly despite these escapades her Acceptedhood lasted longer than most (mostly due to a rather infamous afternoon learning inappropriate songs from a Tower Guard who was immediately banished from Tar Valon ~ it’s said Nyneave Sedai washed her mouth out with soap for a week ) and at the age of 42 she has finally been Raised to the Green Ajah. There are rumors among the Ajahs that she has sworn to bond her first Gaidin immediately (something frowned upon by Greens - especially since she has shown no interest in any particular one) and has bragged that she will eventually bond more Warders than any Green in history.

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