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RPG Role Play Group

WS (Weapon Score) This refers to your character's weapon score

PC (Played Character) This refers to the character you play, the character you write a bio for and who you can do training and personal development RP with.

NSW (Non Specific Writer) This refers to those characters/positions where continuity is required. As an example i would use the Sitters in the WT, the Queen of Manetheren, the MAA of the Warders. This position will require a bio and staff approval and there is no time limit on how long this character can rp.

TTPC (Temporary Third Party Characters) This refers to characters that are created for specific RP's only and that require a bio. It will be the responsibility of the bio chceker/DL to monitor the ppl playing these chars, and to make sure they abide by the time limits(start and end date) that they have advised the Staff of in the bio for this character. Any deviation from the finish date, that is not authorised by Staff, should result in the player no longer being allowed to play this character.

NPC (None Player Character) This refers to characters that do not require a bio and are only used to pad out an RP. There is no growth of these characters, they simple fulfill a purpose. Example, Bob(a PC) goes into an Inn in TV and talks to the Innkeeper, asking how to get an audience with the Amyrlin. The Innkeeper replies....once the PC has the info he wants, the Innkeeper's part is over. There is no need for a bio or staff approval for the use of an NPC, you are allowed to use the same NPC innkeeper many times over, as long as it never becomes more than that.

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