Dragon Reborn PSW Wiki

As a division we are alloted 3 power wrought swords. Because this is a prestigious item we have reserved one for our bi-annual/annual tournament specifically for the sword. Tourneys will be held around December and June when ever somoeone is able to run it. The tourney champion gets a +1 to their Fight Score (WS + random luck factor) as defending champion the next tourney but must give up the sword to showcase during the tournament as the prize.

The other two power wrought weapons will be done on a first come first serve basis by application and activity.

To apply for the waiting list of a power wrought sword you need to send the answers to the following questions to: warderdiv@dragonmount.com

1. Why you want one?
2. Why is it important your character have one?
3. What is the purpose of having one?
4. How will your character gain one? Must be an RP Outline

After the application has been reviewed for viability of the request you will be placed at the bottom of the list for at least one month to prove that you are active in Warder's Division. Your one month waiting period will not start until there is a slot available.

After the one month waiting period is complete and if there is an available weapon you will be required to finish the RP you proposed before actually using the power wrought sword. You will have 3 months to complete your outline and your complete RP, failing to complete the Power Wrought Sword RP by then will remove you to the bottom of the list and another one month wait.

After you have received the Power Wrought sword slot you will be required to remain active. You will be required to check in on a monthly basis in order to keep your power wrought weapon (You receive your slot when your 1 month waiting period is complete and if there is an available slot to give you). Missing two consecutive monthly check-ins will result in your removal from the Power Wrought Sword listing. You will be able to try again but the entire process must be followed again.

How will activity be measure? It will be your responsibility to post to the report board by the 15th of every month. It is your responsibility to check this board at the beginning of every month. You will not be sent any reminders to do so. Three late check-ins will result in a warning, another one following the warning will result in removal from your slot to someone more active.

Current Holders:

  • Rosheen (Tourney Champion)

Past Holders:

  • Reikan Souvan - transferred to Freelanders
  • Lonrick - inactive