Active MembersEdit

Note: If you see a RP Char name with no DM Handle, that means a RP'er has more than 1 character in the Yards. Look at the row above, that is the RP'er playing the character.

DM Handle RP Char Name Weapon Score Origin Bondmate
Arie Conor Palfrey WS 12 Andor -
  Cairma Vishnu WS 19 Andor -
tismeb4u Corin Danveer WS 13 Boannda, Ghealdan -
Dar'Jen Ab Owain Loraen Wen WS 4 Kandor -
Elessar Elessar Telcontar WS 18 ? Myrrhi Morrigan of the Green Ajah
_Kynwric_ Kynwric Larind WS 20 Amadacia Loraine Kilaine of the Green Ajah
Lady Greyfist Ivo Pylos WS 4 Illian -
Lih-Lyh Ashley Wilkes WS 1 In a wagon on the road -
Matalina Aiden al'Ker WS 14 Cairhien -
U4ea Edana Kellar WS 15 Caemlyn, Andor -
WolfbrotherKronos Ignis Caleum WS 6 Arafel -

Inactive MembersEdit

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