Dragon Reborn PSW Wiki

Note: This discipline was combined with Me’Arearth but is open for reference and use again as a branch.

The keys to this Discipline are agility, speed, and relaxation. The Discipline teaches the bladesman to engage his opponent in a state of total relaxation - able to talk, move, attack and defend while relaxed. Smaller framed people find this Discipline easier to master, because you must have a wonderful sense of balance to master it. It is most useful against a few opponents, as too many opponents focused on fighting the blades man will restrict his freedom of movement. As such, it is mostly popular among the Cairhienin, though military leaders of all nations have begun using it, as its relaxation techniques makes it ideal to lead troops while fighting alongside them. A light blade is the only one that can be employed while using this Discipline.


1. The relaxed manner of fighting, coupled with the required speed and agility, allows for freedom of movement during the battle, allowing the swordsman to place himself most favorably. 2. The ability to lead troops while remaining in the fight is invaluable to military leaders.


1. Blows are very hard to land on a Way of the Wind Disciple, but when they do, they are generally devastating to the swordsman. (Note: this is dependent upon the size and strength of the opponent.) 2. Larger people have difficulty mastering this Discipline, as their larger frames make it more difficult for them to utilize the required agility, dexterity and speed.