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RP Group Leader for the Wolfkin: Cass

Assistant Group Leader: Vacant

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The Wolfkin are an old thing, a thing from the First Day when men and wolves ran and hunted together side by side. While that time has been lost in the endless turnings of the Wheel, what was may yet come again. So it is now with the Wolfkin who have come to be, even as the current Age, called the Third Age by some, approaches its end. Men and women who stand halfway between humanity and wolf.

These Wolfkin are gathered at a single Stedding in the lands that were once Manetheren’s and are now owned by none. There they gather and learn to control their gift. When they are first brought to the Stedding, these people are known as Wanderers, those who are suffering from the Howling that threatens to overwhelm their humanity and are in need of a guide. Given mentors, they are taught the basics of their new heritage. Until they have mastered the basics and overcome the Howling, these people are known as Wolfcubs as they are still young in the ways of their new nature.

Those that do master their nature are welcomed as Wolfbrothers and Wolfsisters. These Wolfkin are then required to dedicate themselves to one of four Paths within the Wolfkin, and these are:

- The Rangers
- The Sages
- The Trackers
- The Watchers

It is these four groups that maintain the Wolfkin Stedding, and without a Pack Leader the leaders of each decide what is best for the Stedding in Council. Not only is the burden of managing the Stedding upon their shoulders, but also keeping their kind relatively unknown as the world is not yet ready to embrace them fully.

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