Name: Zeveria Agotta
Age: 15
Place of Raising: Amadicia

Physical Description: 5’10 with an average build. Her eyes are a pale green color and when she is feeling mischievous they twinkle. Zeveria has long deep red hair that is her most distiquishing attribute. She has long delicate finger that are able to play the harp extremely well. Place of birth: Born in Andor. Raised in Amadicia, in a little town called limehouse.

Character History Edit

Zeveria was born in Andor but as a baby her family moved to Amadicia, to a little town called Lime house. Her father is a man of strong options and did not like the idea of living in a country that accepted “Witches” of the white tower. Her mother on the other hand had other thoughts on the subject. When Zeveria turned 12 and after years of listening to her father’s opinions and her mother’s (in secret of course) she started to form her own opinions. At the age of 14 she ran away from home and managed to make it back to Andor where she worked in an inn as a serving maid. Her desire to travel to tar Valon came when she was the most amazing woman stay at the Inn. Zeveria caught a glace of her face while serving her and was enthralled. That same night she heard the serving girls gossiping and she found out the woman was from the White Tower. It was that moment she knew she had to go to Tar Valon and learn more about these women she had heard so much about all her life and get the truth.

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